Covid Chronicles, Day 8

Circuit Breaker – Day 8 I did something today that I haven’t done in a verrrry long time. I went grocery shopping. In a supermarket. Since our Prime Minister went on television last week to ask seniors to stay at home, my highly at-risk elderly parents with chronic illnesses said to me, “Daniel, since you’reContinue reading “Covid Chronicles, Day 8”

Covid Chronicles, Day 6

Circuit Breaker – Day 6 I got to speak with a Jetstar cabin crew. As all their flights are grounded, she’s currently working as a temperature screener. Jetstar, as a company, is helping their staff – cabin crew and pilots – find alternative employment during this difficult time. They’ve tied up with government and privateContinue reading “Covid Chronicles, Day 6”

Covid Chronicles, Day 3

Circuit Breaker – Day 3 Took this photo in the public area of Changi Airport. In good times, all four screens would be filled with departure flight information. But in these dark days, there are sometimes only four flights for the whole night. The world is currently in lockdown. In most countries, air travel isContinue reading “Covid Chronicles, Day 3”

Covid Chronicles, Day 2

Circuit Breaker – Day 2 Given our government’s love for the use of mnemonics, they could not have overlooked the implications of naming the Covid Circuit Breaker (CCB). I think it was deliberately chosen so that this inside joke would go viral. Free publicity is the best kind of publicity. Last night, I met thisContinue reading “Covid Chronicles, Day 2”

Covid Chronicles, Day 1

Circuit Breaker Day 1 The train is empty, except for people going to and from work in essential services, have gone to buy food or groceries, or have gone for exercise. I am wearing my freshly collected and handwashed black reusable mask that the government distributed to all Singaporeans. I’m still getting used to it,Continue reading “Covid Chronicles, Day 1”