Covid Chronicles, Day 9

Circuit Breaker – Day 9

I’m standing at my station with one hour to go in my 12-hour shift. A guy I once worked with walks up to me and hands me a hot cup of Lipton tea. “I don’t drink hot drinks,” he says.

I am surprised. “You don’t drink hot drinks?” I ask. “Yes,” he replies, “They were going to give me coffee, but I figured tea was easier.” I don’t really understand it, but Freegan 101 says that if someone wants to give you something, accept it and say thank you.

I thank him, and note that this is the second time I’ve received something unexpected from people I work with. The first time was a packet of fried kway teow that was absolutely delicious. I must be doing something right to be getting these gifts.

Maybe it’s the free chocolate I’ve been giving out to those I work with. Or maybe the free books.

I always tell people, I’m not a generous person. I give only that which I have too much of. Generous people are those who don’t have much or enough, and yet they still give of what they have. I just don’t like to see things go to waste.

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