Just a dream

I dreamt of you again last night. Probably because I talked about you to a friend. In the dream, you still wanted to be part of my life. But I no longer want you in mine. I apologised to you in the dream, and then we both cried. And I woke up. It was justContinue reading “Just a dream”

Covid Chronicles, Day 15

Circuit Breaker – Day 15 Two days ago, I shared a post about recognising mental health symptoms experienced by people undergoing this traumatic period. While this coronavirus period has largely resulted in little change in my lifestyle — the sole exception being having to buy groceries — I too have not been immune to theseContinue reading “Covid Chronicles, Day 15”

Covid Chronicles, Day 14

Circuit Breaker – Day 14 I decided to go out at 4.30am to get some bread from the nearby supermarket, and some pork products which Yihong Trading Enterprise doesn’t sell, because it’s a halal-certified establishment. This is the best time to be in the supermarket. Shelves are restocked to how a supermarket normally looks like. The lastContinue reading “Covid Chronicles, Day 14”

Covid Chronicles, Day 12

Circuit Breaker – Day 12 I have decided to get the bulk of the household’s groceries from Yihong Trading Enterprise and have it delivered. That’s what I’ll be using part of my $600 Solidarity Payment for. Daniel Yap’s business had previously been serving the needs of the Bangladeshi population in Singapore. With many migrant workers locked downContinue reading “Covid Chronicles, Day 12”