Daniel Tay

Sometimes I google my own name, and I find that there are so many ‘Daniel Tay’s around. The most famous ‘Daniel Tay’ is the movie star who acted in the film Elf. I have no idea what he looks like.

Then there’s the ‘Daniel Tay’ who started Bakerzin, sold it off, and went on to start Cat and the Fiddle.

Then there’s me, who normally comes up quite high on the search engine.

Next is the ‘Daniel Tay’ who works in Temasek.

There’s also the ‘Daniel Tay’ who is a content writer, which sometimes people mistake for me, because I also write.

There’s the ‘Daniel Tay’ that is in Halogen. He does special projects.

And all the other ‘Daniel Tay’s are not on the first page of the Google search.

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