I don’t actually check my blog very often. So I usually don’t get to see comments made on any posts until several months later. My apologies to those who commented on past posts.

Actually, this blog isn’t very public. You can’t access this blog from any menu on my website. I don’t make efforts to hide it, but neither is it publicised anywhere. You probably get to see it only on Google search, and probably by chance.

My website is just for fun. When I have requests for interviews, I normally direct people to the FAQ first, because usually the questions they want to ask me are the questions that everyone wants to ask me, and I get tired of repeating the same answers.

I also keep a repository of all the media articles or videos that covered me. Occasionally I update it.

On the homepage are the two TEDx talks that I’ve given. People still ask me to give talks, and I normally just refer them to these two talks that are still relevant today. I don’t really give talks anymore; I find them too time-consuming to prepare for.

Someone asked how to contact me. Well, commenting on this blog isn’t the way to go. There’s a contact form on my website which occasionally someone will reach me there, and I always respond to that because it goes straight to my email.

Then there’s the link to support me on Patreon. I probably should publicise this more, but I don’t.

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