Covid Chronicles, Day 10

Circuit Breaker – Day 10

Since Circuit Breaker, Singapore’s version of lockdown, started, all non-essential shops have been made to close their doors. Only essential services may remain open.

Here where I’ve been temporarily working, entry to playgrounds are forbidden, fountains have stopped functioning, and even many food stalls are also closed. Some shops do not have doors, so they have covered their shelves with plastic sheets. Other shops have no place to keep their stock, so instead, they post one staff member to stay at the shop the whole time, to watch the store.

There’s nowhere to go when you have a break from work, so many people take a nap instead. There’s all sorts of people working (and sleeping) here: cleaners, security officers, customer service, auxiliary police, temperature screeners, etc.

Prior to Circuit Breaker, there were people sleeping at the workplace too, but they normally just sat on chairs or put their heads on their arms to sleep on the tables. But now, people have become more daring and they come well-equipped for their rest hours. I have seen sleeping mats, blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows here at the workplace.

I think the management knows about this and doesn’t really do much, save to tell the staff not to leave their belongings (especially bags and pillows) at the common areas or they will be removed.

I, for one, usually don’t sleep at the workplace. Instead, I read, write, and drink tea throughout the night. It’s fascinating to walk around during my break and observe people who do. Some of my co-workers tell me that they snatch sleep wherever they can, because after their shift, they need to rush to the office for their second job.

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