Covid Chronicles, Day 11

Circuit Breaker – Day 11

When I first took up this work, no one knew much about Covid-19. We all thought that Wuhan was overreacting, and that the whole thing would blow over by May.

We never expected that in May, we would be locked down almost as tight as Wuhan. But at least our roads are still open, and our public transport is still running.

We never expected that Covid-19 would have such a devastating impact on the whole world. Hard to believe that was just 3 months ago. How quickly the world has changed.

I feel fortunate, blessed, that I can experience this happening firsthand. It is an experience like no other. Yes, it may be scary, but it is also exciting, for fear and excitement are two sides of the same coin.

No one knows what tomorrow will bring. Everyday we have fresh news, developments, changes in regulations, and we adjust to it.

I’ve come to learn that I’m a survivor. And really, it has been easy so far. Perhaps that is because of my privileged position, where I’m not worried financially.

I know people have lost jobs because of Covid-19, and with it, their only source of income. I know people who run businesses, and in this period revenue has fallen 90%, but rent and salaries still need to be paid. Business owners in particular are very stressed during this period.

1. I am grateful that prior to this, living a freegan lifestyle has helped me to drastically bring down my personal expenses such that this period does not bring cause for any financial worries.

2. I’m grateful to have a job to keep me active during this period, so that I don’t spend all day at home and online.

3. I’m grateful to be in a position to help others during this period, but let me also say there is no shame in needing and receiving help. We all give and receive help at different point in our lives.

Bonus: I’m grateful to be able to watch beautiful sunrises on some mornings.

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