Covid Chronicles, Day 6

Circuit Breaker – Day 6

I got to speak with a Jetstar cabin crew. As all their flights are grounded, she’s currently working as a temperature screener. Jetstar, as a company, is helping their staff – cabin crew and pilots – find alternative employment during this difficult time.

They’ve tied up with government and private agencies to provide manpower for these required services, including SG Clean Ambassadors under Singapore Food Agency (SFA), National Environment Agency (NEA), and with Raffles Medical Group. I think CNA did an article about this on 9 Apr.

The air stewardess I met said that some pilots also now work in food delivery with FoodPanda, because they have their own motorcycles. Some of her colleagues have also made the transition to work full-time with the government agencies.

When even airline pilots are riding motorcycles to deliver food, you know it’s a tough time. Blessed are those who today still have a job, who still have some form of income. If you need income, now isn’t the time to be picky.

I have heard of part-timers fighting with each other to get shift slots at some of the new job openings that have come up. This includes security detail for the isolation wards at Expo, and cleaners for the same wards. Supermarkets are also hiring cashiers and staff to help with the self-checkout machines.

While it’s a tough time for most businesses, there are some that are flourishing and even expanding. These are where you can approach to find work. Which are they? Google “essential businesses Singapore” and you will get an idea of where to look.

I’ve included samples of some job listings I’ve seen. There are many others available.

Yes, there are risks involved with most of the new jobs available now. So if you get the job, make sure you wear your masks and gloves properly, and be sure to wash your hands and sanitise while at work.


1. I’m grateful for a free packet of noodles from a teammate who didn’t want it.

2. I’m grateful I got to experience firsthand and be a part of Singapore’s frontline fight with Covid.

3. I’m grateful to have met and worked alongside many people with interesting stories to share in the past two months.

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