Covid Chronicles, Day 7

Circuit Breaker – Day 7

I was entering an MRT station when I saw a woman not wearing her mask come out of the station looking flustered, and behind her was a lady in a grey shirt, wearing a mask and gloves. I recognised her as one of those SMRT ambassadors and I wondered if they were linked.

So I approached her and asked, “Excuse me, do you really turn away people who don’t wear masks?” She said, no, we just encourage them to wear masks.

Then on a whim, I asked her, “Are you, like, from Jetstar or something?” She said, no, and then as an afterthought, added, I’m from Singapore Airlines.

No wonder she looked so pretty.

1. I’m grateful I have practice wearing masks for long hours.

2. I’m grateful for empty trains and buses.

3. I’m grateful for a free reusable mask provided by the government. It’s very comfortable, though a bit hot in the day time.

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