Covid Chronicles, Day 13

Circuit Breaker – Day 13

Shit got real yesterday. I was doing a shift with a team mate at a location that no longer sells food. He wanted to order McDonald’s delivery, but decided against it when he saw that it would take 2 hours to get to our location.

In the morning, when I got the news, I texted him, “Bro, your McDelivery will now take 2 weeks to arrive. You should have ordered last night.”

I helped a friend to collect a drink from the Terminal 3 McDonald’s a few days ago. It was my first and only time there. Before I entered, I had my temperature taken by an elderly staff.

I read the news that a 74-year-old Singaporean woman was one of the staff that had been diagnosed with Covid-19. For the life of me, I can remember if she was the one I met. The news said she last went to work was Apr 10. I quickly went to check when I was there.

My record showed Apr 13. Phew. But then, who knows if the other staff there have been infected but have not yet showed any symptoms? Who knows indeed.

Shit gets real when Covid closes businesses that you have patronised. Shit gets real when you have 10,000 employees, just 7 get infected, and you have to suspend all your operations. Shit gets real when you can no longer depend on a fast food restaurant you’ve eaten at for your whole life.

I wonder how many kids are gonna throw a tantrum and how many parents have made promises to their children they’re not gonna be able to keep. I also wonder how much Burger King is gonna make from this.

There’s gonna be a looooong queue outside Mac’s on 4 May. Or their website is gonna crash.

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