How to get free food, part 1

If you could have an additional $400 a month, how would you feel? Back when financial planning took up the bulk of my time, I was surprised at the lengths that people would do to earn a few hundred dollars more every month. Some would write a book. Some would give tuition. Some would putContinue reading “How to get free food, part 1”

Normal is an illusion

Today I accompanied a friend to a bankruptcy hearing. It turned out well and got the best possible outcome.  Bankrupt. Divorce. Affair. Lawsuit. Orphan. Shotgun. Addiction. Mental illness. Broken family. Parental abandonment. Autism. Gay. Death of a child.  These are things that don’t happen to you, you think. No one you know goes through this,Continue reading “Normal is an illusion”

How to stop worrying about money

Money is simple. But people make it complicated. If you’re just learning about how money works, you’ll definitely come across terms such as investing, debt, inflation, rate of return, risk, savings, assets, liabilities, income replacement, protection, index funds, stocks, bonds, trading, forex, options, CFDs, fixed deposits, unit trusts, mutual funds, and so on. This isContinue reading “How to stop worrying about money”

How to stop worrying about money

I’ve been reading Buddhist books, mainly because I found two on my daily walks. Since I don’t bring my mobile phone out with me anymore, I read these books on the train.  This is my first real introduction to Buddhism. When I’m not reading, I’m contemplating its teachings.  When I started Freegan living, I noticedContinue reading “How to stop worrying about money”

What antimatter has to do with money

I had this brainwave in the shower last night. In the beginning of this universe, there was nothing but energy. Then the energy became matter. For every bit of matter formed, a corresponding bit of antimatter was formed. When matter and antimatter touch, they annihilate each other, and turn back into energy. For some reasonContinue reading “What antimatter has to do with money”