Strategic procrastination

Hello. My name is Daniel. And I’m a procrastinator. 

Everyone procrastinates. The only difference is whether procrastinate works for us or against us. 

The things we procrastinate are usually the most important things that we need to be working on at any point of time. 

To-do lists don’t work. Well, they do work in terms of helping us to organize the things we need to do according to urgency. 

But urgency doesn’t always equate to importance. 

Something can be urgent and important, or it can be urgent but not important. 

What we need is a way to help us to determine what is important relative to the other things that need to be done. 

One way is to ask ourselves if an item on the list helps move us closer to our goals, or do they distract us from our goals. 

An easier way is to be aware of what we are procrastinating. 

The mind is powerful and it has already sorted out all the things we need to do. We procrastinate on the most important things because we are afraid of messing them up. 

We don’t want to mess them up because they are important. So if we don’t do them now, we won’t mess them up now. Hence we procrastinate. 

Until the time is right. 

Until we have clear focus. 

Until we have the energy. 

Until we have all the answers. 

Until we have the resources. 

You know this, better than I do, all the excuses you make to procrastinate. 

Now, I challenge you, to act, in spite of fear. Act on that thing you’re procrastinating on, because it is the single most important thing that you could be working on at this moment. 

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