Think different

Once every year, for 1-2 weeks, I have to make my way to an army camp at 7am in the morning. The buses that pass the camp are always fully packed. At the front. 

For whatever reason, commuters tend to be tightly squeezed at the front, but not so at the rear of the bus. This makes it difficult for people to board from the front. 

As I observed the situation yesterday morning, the solution became obvious. I’d done it before, but for some reason, it hardly ever occurs to anyone else to do the same. Maybe it’s because Singaporeans are too rule-abiding or that I think differently. 

The bus driver stood up at his seat and shouted for the passengers within to move in, and make space for more passengers to board. I call out to him. 

“Sir, could you let me tap my card at the front, then open the back door so I can board from there?”

He was thunderstruck. Somehow it didn’t occur to him to do that. And it didn’t occur to anyone else either. 

I’m told I’m different from others. I guess I am. 

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