The road to business failure is paved with good ideas

There are many good ideas floating around. People who create ideas often guard them jealously. However, an idea without execution is just imagination. Our imaginations are powerful, so powerful that it can convince us that we’re doing something when we’re not actually producing any real results. It is planning and execution that turn these ideasContinue reading “The road to business failure is paved with good ideas”

Normal is an illusion

Today I accompanied a friend to a bankruptcy hearing. It turned out well and got the best possible outcome.  Bankrupt. Divorce. Affair. Lawsuit. Orphan. Shotgun. Addiction. Mental illness. Broken family. Parental abandonment. Autism. Gay. Death of a child.  These are things that don’t happen to you, you think. No one you know goes through this,Continue reading “Normal is an illusion”

How to stop worrying about money

Money is simple. But people make it complicated. If you’re just learning about how money works, you’ll definitely come across terms such as investing, debt, inflation, rate of return, risk, savings, assets, liabilities, income replacement, protection, index funds, stocks, bonds, trading, forex, options, CFDs, fixed deposits, unit trusts, mutual funds, and so on. This isContinue reading “How to stop worrying about money”