Living without a phone that is mobile

I haven’t been writing here as much as I wanted to. I had planned to write a post a day, but haha, I’m just not able to keep up with that. Some days I have nothing to write.

One of the reasons why I’m writing a lot less these days is because I don’t have my mobile phone with me all the time. I used to, in the past, but nowadays, I leave my mobile phone at home when I go out.

This has some interesting implications.

ONE: Meeting people

When I’ve arranged to meet people, I tell them that I’m not going to have my phone with me. This means no last minute cancellations or change of meeting time. It also means arriving on time. I do give a 15-minute grace period, but after that, I’m gone.

It also means planning my route there beforehand, not figuring it out when I get there. Having no access to Google Maps has, surprisingly, made me earlier to arrive rather than later, because of the aforementioned planning.

TWO: 100% present

When I’m with someone, they receive my full attention. I don’t have the urge to check my mobile phone for calls or messages that I miss, simply because I can’t.

Also, when conversation dries up, I am urged to restart it, because there’s no mobile phone to whip out and use.

THREE: No distractions

When I’m working, I am not distracted by notifications and temptations. I can focus fully on whatever it is I am doing. This makes me more efficient and productive.

FOUR: Reading

While commuting, I’ve gone back to reading books. I’ve read about on average, a book a week while commuting. I’m grateful I don’t get motion sickness from reading while on a bus or train.

FIVE: Daydreaming, sightseeing & ideas

When I’m not reading, I allow myself to daydream or look at the sights around me. I watch people. I listen in on conversations. I get ideas, lots of them. And I think.

Thinking time is so precious. When I’m on my phone, I am flooded with information and stories, but when I’m without my phone, I get to think of new ideas or work on existing ones.

My unique ability is to create systems. I connect information to create processes and systems. Hence, thinking time is vital. And having no mobile phone allows me to do this well.

I’m not fully without a mobile phone, but my phone isn’t mobile anymore. It just stays at home.

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