How to stop worrying about money

I’ve been reading Buddhist books, mainly because I found two on my daily walks. Since I don’t bring my mobile phone out with me anymore, I read these books on the train.  This is my first real introduction to Buddhism. When I’m not reading, I’m contemplating its teachings.  When I started Freegan living, I noticedContinue reading “How to stop worrying about money”

What antimatter has to do with money

I had this brainwave in the shower last night. In the beginning of this universe, there was nothing but energy. Then the energy became matter. For every bit of matter formed, a corresponding bit of antimatter was formed. When matter and antimatter touch, they annihilate each other, and turn back into energy. For some reasonContinue reading “What antimatter has to do with money”

Can I live without my mobile phone?

I’m about to go replace my mobile phone battery. During this time, I may be without a phone. I am wondering: Can I live without my phone? I use my phone for so many things. But it also has many negative side effects, such as neck pain and shoulder aches. It’s also a great timeContinue reading “Can I live without my mobile phone?”

What exactly is depression and why do so many have it?

Imagine you were driving a car for the first time. You’ve been to driving school, so you know the rules of the road. As you get behind the wheel, you see lots of different indicators on the dashboard, each with their own funny symbol. You don’t know what they mean, but that’s okay, you think.Continue reading “What exactly is depression and why do so many have it?”

How do you cope with depression in order to function?

I’m sorry you are feeling this way. I know it’s terrible. Let me try to shed some light on your situation so that you have an idea what’s going on. The reason you are having a lot of negative thoughts is because your mind is idle. The reason your mind is idle is because youContinue reading “How do you cope with depression in order to function?”

What will happen if all forms of “money” disappears; including cash, digital money and precious metal?

The world would become a kinder, more compassionate place to live. People would help each other out, look out for each other. Hey, I have 82 oranges. Could I give you some in exchange for a bottle of cooking oil? I really do have 82 oranges. In other words, people would go back to bartering.Continue reading “What will happen if all forms of “money” disappears; including cash, digital money and precious metal?”

Building my social media bubble

During the General Elections in 2015, many of my friends were convinced that the ruling party would receive a sound thrashing at the polls.  So when it turned out that the opposite was true, many could not believe it.  The same thing happened in the U.S. Presidential Elections last year. Many of my friends wereContinue reading “Building my social media bubble”