Covid Chronicles, Day 1

Circuit Breaker Day 1

The train is empty, except for people going to and from work in essential services, have gone to buy food or groceries, or have gone for exercise.

I am wearing my freshly collected and handwashed black reusable mask that the government distributed to all Singaporeans.

I’m still getting used to it, trying to find the balance I can breathe properly in it without my exhalation fogging up my glasses. I might have to settle for a compromise, otherwise I can’t see without my glasses.

That said, the mask is extremely comfortable relative to other masks I have worn, including the surgical mask that you have to tie with strings, the earloop one which chafes the ears after a long shift, and the dreaded N95.

Mask comfort is very important because the effectiveness of a mask depends on you wearing it properly. An uncomfortable mask means you adjust it more often, which means your hands touch your face more often, increasing your chances of getting infected.

That’s why you shouldn’t wear the N95 mask unless you’re a medical worker, who is at the highest risk of getting infected.

I love how empty the trains and stations are. It brings to mind fond memories of getting around Taipei and Melbourne.

I could get used to this.

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