Sometimes I look at Rob Greenfield’s blog and wonder if I should be blogging more like him. His posts are all positive because he wants to be a positive force for humanity.

He has his down days too, but these are rare, at least compared to mine. Then again, maybe he doesn’t share all his down days, and maybe he isn’t battling depression and anxiety daily.

I have to remind myself that he is not on the same journey as I am. Unlike Rob, I’m not here to bring a positive force to humanity. I’m here to keep things real, in my own journey towards being kind to myself and not suppressing my true self.

Be kind to yourself. Stop with the comparisons, that you’re not as good as the other person, that you’re not as famous as the other person, that you have not done as much good as the other person.

When you drive on the road and see another car, do you try to speed up and overtake it because you want to get to the destination faster than the other car? But the other car isn’t even going to the same destination as you. Furthermore, the other car is of a different make and model from yours. It has a different engine power, steering, speeds.

It is foolish to compare yourself with another car on the road for that short period you happen to be driving together. They are not going to your destination, and your situation is completely different. Stop competing with other drivers or getting upset when another driver overtakes you.

We are all drivers of our own cars. Our lives cannot be compared to another person’s because they are not going to the same place that we are, and because their situations are completely different from ours. We just happen to be walking on the same route for a short period of time.

Stop comparing and just focus on your own journey. Learn from others yes, but ultimately you are travelling a different journey from them.

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