Okay, it’s not boredom I’m feeling, but anxiety. Looks like the depression is gone for now, and has been replaced by anxiety.

Anxiety is better than depression, but it brings about its own set of problems. Right now, it’s sleep disturbance. I am unable to relax. I have to stay awake until I feel so exhausted that I have no choice but to sleep. And this will cause sleep cycle problems.


At least I can name it quick enough.

What is anxiety like?

Right now, it feels like I’m on edge all the time. I’m tense and have difficulty relaxing. My thoughts are swirling and right now, the main thoughts I have are: “I can’t trust anyone”, “They’re talking about me, skirting around me”.

I have no idea if it’s true or not. Maybe they don’t even care about me. But it doesn’t stop the thoughts from swirling continuously.

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