Who am I?

One of the problems I face is identifying myself with a cause, a passion, a job. When I worked as a church writer and found that because of my depression I could no longer write, I faced a loss of identity. Because if I was not a writer, then who was I?

After that, I became a financial planner for several years before retiring. After I retired, I again faced a loss of identity. If I was not a financial planner, then who was I?

I stumbled into the whole freegan thing and accidentally started a movement. And then again with the food rescue thing.

I’m currently on a break from SG Food Rescue, and in these few weeks, I started to question my identity again. If I’m not the co-founder of SG Food Rescue, Singapore’s national champion and advocate against food waste… then who am I?

Perhaps the only way to find out is to distance myself from all these groups.

People say I’m a freegan, a dumpster diver. I’m sure I am more than that. But who am I? I’m not sure I know yet.

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