It hurts

It hurts when the people you’ve loved and cared so much for turn against you. It hurts when you discovered they’ve been talking bad about you in secret.

Yes, nothing that is said in secret remains a secret forever.

That is why we should avoid speaking ill of others behind their backs. Word eventually gets round to them, and friendships and relationships get destroyed. All because of gossip. All because some people just couldn’t keep their mouths shut.

It hurts when the people you’ve admired turned out to be assholes and jerks. But then, that’s just your own fault for putting them on a pedestal, when they’re only human.

Sometimes it makes you lose all hope in humanity. Sometimes you feel you can’t ever trust anyone else again.

It’s enough to want you to move on and say, to hell with this shit, to hell with all of you. Life was better without you all in my life. If only I’d known your true colours earlier.

I tried to deny it to myself. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt. But I was only lying to myself. I was only hoping against hope that you’d be better than that, that you have become a better person.

But people don’t change. People don’t change.

You may have lied to everyone and to yourself. You may have put on a front to show everyone that you’ve changed your ways. And people may have believed you.

But you’re still the same old person you are underneath, and your old ways always come back to bite you.

I’m still the same person I always was, and you’re still the same person you always were.

People don’t change. I won’t change and neither will you, and I don’t want you in my life.

Not anymore.

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