Unhealthy psyche

It occurred to me today that being able to function as an adult in the world means being able to balance or regulate the wants of the Id with the wants of the Superego.

The Id’s wants are all emotional. It has no sense of societal norms. The Superego’s wants are all societal and conformity.

A healthy psyche is an Ego that is able to balance the two, and choose the appropriate response for the situation. But what happens when a person lacks or has an underdeveloped Superego, such as those people who have an autism spectrum disorder? Such as the people with Asperger’s Syndrome?

Such people lack a properly developed Superego, because they are unable to understand or follow social norms. They end up following their Id’s whims and fancies, reacting from emotions all the time. They are like kids, unable to grow fully into adulthood. They may have adult bodies, but their minds still function like kids.


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