My four day work week

I used to work 48 hours a week. 52, if you count commuting time. But it was a 4-day work week.

I had full flexibility how I wanted to manage my time, and I wanted to have 3 off days a week. So I decided to work 12 hours for each of my work days.

I worked Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, and had Mon, Thu, Sun off every week. Once every 6-8 weeks, I took a whole week off from work.

For each work day, I divided it into three 4-hour segments:

10am – 2pm

2pm – 6pm

6pm – 10pm

12 slots a week. Wed and Sat were Focus days. On these days, I would do only things that were related to earning an income. Tue and Fri were Buffer days. On these days, I would do everything that would allow me to be singularly focused on Focus days, and would allow me not to have to touch work on my Off days.

On Off days, I didn’t allow myself to touch any work. I would do things I enjoyed. Go for long walks, catch a movie, spend hours at the library.

It was a great time.

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