I have an ex-client turned friend turned family. Our relationship is interesting because he was introduced to me as a referral from a mutual friend. He later engaged me for financial planning (my previous career), after which I got to know him better. I’d introduced him to a few ladies because he was looking to find a girlfriend.

Unexpectedly, he hit it off with my niece, who was also my client. And today, they’re married with a kid. He’s gotten busier since, but we still meet up every few months for a catch-up.

He told me today that relatives (since he’s family now) have been asking him, “Don’t you find Daniel weird?”

And his response was, “What makes you think I’m not weird? What makes you think you’re not weird?”

The truth is, we’re all weird once you get to know someone better. Some people are just better than others at pretending to be normal.

I suck at pretending to be normal, because it means hiding my real self, and that is one of the things that causes me to go into depression — when I feel disconnected from my real self.

So today I celebrated a little by dancing to the music that only I could hear. Who cares who is staring at me?

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